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Bishop Robert Lee Williams

Robert Lee Williams is an Ordained Bishop who operates in the Gifts of Prophecy, 
Healings, Creative Miracles, Prophetic Teacher with Signs and Wounders followering.

Mark 16:17-19
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name (Jesus) shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues,They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.  

Mark 16:20
And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with [them], and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

Here are just some Powerful Prophet's and Ministers that I have gotten Impartations from in my life time: Prophet Ken Peters, Prophet's Stan & Leslie Johnson, Prophet Ed Lynskey, Prophet Pat Sparrow, Jewish Prophet Tom Deckard, Prophet's Gene & Chuck Beacon, Benny Hinn, David Terrell, Jewish Rabbi and Evangelist Jacob Toback, Jewish Rabbi Michael Rood, Superintendent W.O. Sherrard COGIC,
Bishop Otis G. Clark the last Pastor of Azusa Street Mission,

Prophet T.C. Hudgins,
Evangelist Jack Coe Jr., Evangelist Joseph Buford Dowell, Rodney Howard-Brown, Bishop L.F. Thuston, Bishop John Drew Sheard, 
Bishop Ernest Jefferson COGIC.
Here is just a few Ministers of God that has Imparted in to my life they are many more not listed here. I Thank God for all these Impartations and Anointings the HE has given me.  

I Thank God for giving me some of the Anointing Oil from the Azusa Street Revival which I'm now using when I minister.


Bishop Robert Williams (Godís Anointed)

Bishop Robert Williams knew From Childhood That God has had his Hand upon his Life. Bishop Robert Williams Holds Four Separate Ordinations:

Bishop Robert Williams Met Bishop Otis G. Clark The Last Pastor of the Azusa Street Mission in 2010:


At The Passing Of Bishop Otis Clark At the Age Of 109 Years: Bishop Clark Imparted The Azusa Street Anointing On Bishop Robert Williams Only about Thirty Were Anointed With this Great Miracle Gift and was Anointed with 3 bottles of anointed oil from the Azusa Street Mission (1906 - 1909) this oil was in The Glory Cloud and The Shekinah Glory. Bishop Williams Shofar was Anointed Through Divine Connection With Bishop Otis Clark where he held it for 15 or 20 minutes:

Bishop Robert Williams Met Evangelist Jack Coe Jr.Dec. 9th,2018 Where He Got A Double Portion of the Elijah and Elisha Anointing and the Full Impartation For The Healing & Miracle Ministry.

Now Bishop Robert Williams is a Renowned Speaker and Well Sought Out

To Minister Throughout The World: Bishop Robert Williams has Imparted Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, Pastors, and Lay Members all over the World: The Past 20 Years Bishop Robert Williams has remained vigilant in True Prophetic Ministry: He has Served with The Prophetic Club in Topeka Kansas for 8 years. Also been a member of The  Church of God in Christ for 4 years, and Blew The Trumpet (The Shofar) at The Holy Convocation in
St. Louise MO. 2019 in front of 40,000 people.

In May 2020 will be Ordained as a Bishop, and has been placed on the
Executive Board of Bishop's for The United Glorious Church,
Association of Churches and Ministers around the world.

Bishop Williams Has Been On Television and YouTube, Facebook and has a Worldwide Presence On Social Media:

He Can Be Contacted On this Web-Site: Godís Miracle Ministry.
Bishop Robert Williams has Ordained Ministers Throughout America and In Uganda, Africa: Bishop Robert Williams is World Renowned and Lives on
The Words: The Best is Yet to Come. Bishop Robert Williams is walking in The Promise Of The Great End Time Revival as Prophesied by William Seymour : 100 Years Of Healings, Miracles and Shekinah Glory Fire Shaking Anointed Impartations Upon the World And Godís People.
ď(Now is The TimeĒ)

Here sre some of the of the Cities and Churches
Minister Williams have spoken in the past.

Blowing The Shofar at a National Funeral for Bishop Ervin Sims Jr
This is the 1st Time this has been done in COGIC History Kansas City KS1-14-20

 I Spoke at the 102nd Holy Convocation COGIC in Kansas City Kansas on 7-24-19

 The Shekhinah Glory of God Service Boone Tabernacle COGIC
in Kansas City

 Impartation given to Bishop Ernest Jefferson in Kansas City MO. 10-19-19

Testimony Of Robert Williams #1 1-19-19

 Prophet Robert Williams spoke in Dallas TX on 12-9-18

Wichita Kansas Azusa Street Revival Impartation, Miracle & Healing Service  
A Miracle Ocurred at 5:32 into the video a White Orb Appeared 7-11-18

Ordaination of Robert Shelby in the Office of a Prophet in Topeka KS 10-22-17

Powerful Prayers for Coronavirus - For Those Sick and Those Worried 3-24-20


Ministry Ordinations

29 July 2007 Certificate of Ordination as a Minister of the Gospel though
The Prophecy Club & The Spirit of Prophecy Church - Topeka Kansas

17 November 2016 though EMOAF-Evengelistic & Discipleship Ministries Church -

 PO Box 218 Schertz, TX 78154

PO Box 218 
Schertz, TX 78154

5th August 2018  Certificate of Ordination as a Minister of the Gospel
Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

May 2020 was Ordained as a Bishop, and has been placed on the
Executive Board of Bishop's for The Church of God / Formally The United Glorious Church,

Association of Churches and Ministers around the world.

1st October 2020 Awarded a Doctorate of Divinity though 
Tomlison Haywood Seminary  
The Church of God - Sweetwater, Tennessee

12th October 2020 Awarded a Doctorate of Divinity though
International Progressive Ministries - Kansas City, Missouri


Ministry Classes

29 Sept. 2004 Certificate of Recognition though The Spirit of Prophecy Church Topeka, Kansas

12 December 2004 Advanced Prophetic Training Course - The Prophecy Club  Topeka, Kansas

2013 Understanding the Endtime (14 Lessons) Training Class though
End Time Ministries with Irvin Baxter & Dave Robbins in Dallas Texas

10 Feb. 2018 Certificate of Completion, Jubilee School of the Supernatural Healing School
Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

17 Feb.2018 Certificate of Completion Jubilee School of Supernatural Deliverance School.
Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

10 June 2018  Certificate of Completion Jubilee School of Supernatural Prophetic School.
Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

28 July 2018  Certificate of Completion Jubilee School of Supernatural Evangelism School
Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas

1st & 2nd March 2019 Asbury Theological Seminary-Church Planting & Revitalization Institute. Building Blocks for a Thriving Ministry and Marriage & Family Dynamics.
At Boone Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C. in Kansas City MO.

8th & 9th March 2019 AIm Fellowship & Training Service at Pentecostal Powerhouse COGIC in Kansas City Kansas.

18th - 24th 2019 Annual Spring Ministers & Workers Conference COGIC
Kansas City Kansas with Bishop L.F. Thuston & Bishop Jerry Mayard

There more to come!    


Anointings and Point of Contacts



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