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Testimonies of Minister Robert Lee Williams

Robert Lee Williams is an Ordained Minister who operates in the Gifts of Prophecy, Healing, 
Creative Miracles, Prophetic Teacher with Signs and Wounders followering.

Mark 16:17-19
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name (Jesus) shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues,They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.  

Mark 16:20
And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with [them], and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

My Testimonies and Experances that I have had with YAH-veh (God's name), 
YAH-shua (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit.

I have been told and shown many things in my life time by God and I think it is time to share all that I can remember.

I hope this will be a true blessing to everyone who reads this page. We all need hope and encourgment thought out our life time. We all have a Call of God on our lives, some of us have known from a very young age on what our Call is or some things that we will be doing for God just as long as we remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Call has not been easy I have had my up's and down's just like everyone else. I am not here to exault  my self in any way. I did not choose to do this I just excepted the Call. As it is written "many are called, but few are choosen." It should say many are called, but few are trusted. No one has to take their call we have free will. I have excepted my Call.

Here are some things that God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit has told me though a loud voice the still small voice, dreams, visions and a visitation.

I remember from about the age of 4, I started getting visions or day dreams of things. The Lord started showing me some things that I would understand at that age. And was brought up in the First Baptist Church of Goree, Texas this was and still is a very small town. When I was in the 2nd grade about the age of 7 or 8 years old I started getting dreams that I saw my self standing in front of very large crowds hundreds of people. And I remember raising my left hand and saying in "Jesus name you are healed!" And they were all healed. I stared getting hundreds of dreams of many things, that I would start seeing people or places. Well it might of been days,weeks or even years, that one day I would be some where and that dream I had would come back to me. And I would say WOW! thats cool I have seen this in a dream before. I used to call this forshadowing the furture.

Well what God was doing is this, HE was getting my attention HE was saying Robert I'm talking to you. Well that got my attention very well. I started seeing some Endtime dreams, such as Chinesse troop invading America, I saw protective domes around the World and God's people were the only one's that could come in. I remembered I could go out to  find people to brings them in. In my dream I was flying like Superman. I have had many flyings dreams that I have been in. I have seen a few of these dreams as well.

I saw my self in a parking lot of a shopping center and it was damaged I was in the middle of the parking lot and I saw hundreds of people that was lined up to see me. I could see in front of me massive direction of buildings,homes that were not there anymore I saw gas lines on fire, water coming up from the ground from all the broken pipes.
I saw people with broken bones, cuts, people bleeding and burns. People were hurting with no place to go so they started lineing to see me. I would only ask them 1 question I said "Do you believe that Jesus can heal you?" If they said YES that I would say "In Jesus Name your healed" And they were All healed 100% right there on the spot. And then they would leave and go their way. But if someone said I don't believe that Jesus can heal me than they would go on their way with out being healed.
I remember seeing a lady with dark hair telling me "Robert you need to take a break, you have been at this for 18 hours non-stop", I turned to her and said "I can't they still have 3 blocks of people waiting to see me". Than the dream was over.

I have seen a few other dreams like this one in the past as well. I don't like these dreams I don't like to see hurting people. I don't want to see America or any other country destroyed but in war, natual disasters or the Writh of God. All these things will come to pass one day very soon. So get ready people this is at hand!

I remember the first time I heard  the loud voice of God inside of me saying "Robert get to know who your adversary is because one day you will meet him"  Well I was 12 when I heard this. Well I knew what this ment one day I would have a face to face meeting with the Ant-christ him self. So I started learning all I could about Satan and his kingdom.

The Lord started showing me and letting me experance different World or Man's religons,
As I said I started out in a Baptist church, than went to a Catholic school for 3 years, I went to a Methodist church with my Grand parents a few times, than when I was in Tyrone, New Mexico There were Mormon missionaries 
coming to the house, my Dad wanted to hear what they wanted to say. They were very nice men but my Mother
did not want them around when she was home. They wanted us to join their church but we did not.
After that God took me to Madrid, Spain where I lived for 2 years 1975 to 1977. I lived with my sister and brother-in-law.
The Lord showed me many things and places over there. We lived on base housing also the Mormon missionaries were there also our upstairs nabore
s invited them in, I listened to them, one of the missionaries got my attention he was and exPresidental advisor to President Nixion he showed us his id's, I thought that was cool at that time. My friends joined the Mormon church over in Spain.

I want everyone to know I came from a broken home, So I turned to Jesus HE was my best friend then and HE still is.
When I turned 17 I joined the Texas National Guard and I went to basic training well this was very hard for me to do.
I will all ways give Jesus the credit or Honor for helping me though that training I could not of made it with out HIM.
After that I joined the US.Army for 4 years the Lord showed me many things there and I even went to 
Germany for 6 months. In all that time I was still getting those dreams from the Lord where I would see things 
in advance. And when I was in the Army I started prophesying to other men anf they wanted to know how did I know 
that about them? I told them God told me and I have all ways done this. (At that time I did not know about the Gift of Prophecy).  After my Army years and after 2 broken marriages I was really seeking to get to know God better.
I started praying for gaiudance in what was the Church or Religion to join I wanted a better Relationship with 

At that time I receved a dream I was back in Spain in my old nabors yard being chased my smaller demons I was trying not to get my self cornered well I got cornered I thought I was going to die. Then Satan himself and with a few 
of his assistances came out of the Apartment and stood on the upper stairs and balonee and he said to me 
"Robert these deamons will leave you alone if you join the Mormon church". And then he went back into the 
Apartment and the demons left and then the dream was over.

After that I took that as a sign from God for me to join the Mormon church well I did join the church for 5 years
on and off. After I  moved to Kansas City Mo. They did not like on how I was living,I was living with a lady 
who I did have 2 daughters with and we were not married so they excoummicated me from the church. 
I was very hurt and I got upset with God then, I have neaver been kicked out of a church in my whole life. So for a time I didn't have much to do with God. But I knew in my heart I still loved HIM very much and I would come back one day. 
Well one day I was driving my car in Liberty, Mo. back in 1998 I was praying to God and I said I was 
SORRY for all my sins, I said I made a Big Mess out of my life and I asked Him to clean me up
and make me the man of God HE wanted me to be. Because I knew I had a Big Call of God on my life.

WELL GOD HEARD MY PRAYER! At that time I just got a job driving a bus at the Kansas City Mo Airport. And I started
listening to a Christian radio station and I heard that a church was going to have a church cleansing I didn't know what that 
was but in my Spirit I knew I had to go so I went on a Friday and Saturday. 
This was a Deliverance service the Ministers took us to the Bible and tought us about deliverance,
and then they had us all line up and for us to say this special prayer.
Well at the end of this prayer I experanced a Big Delervance I saw with my own eyes and Spirtual eyes I saw a dark cloud
come out of my stomic, I then said WOW! (I felt a release in my spirit) I was clean on the inside I felt like I lost a 100 lbs.
I was on Fire for God. (Note I just had a dream come back to me I saw my self writing this letter I'm doing now WOW)
I then came back on Saturday I learned more on deliverance and I went though more deliverance. 
I have neaver experanced anything like this before in my whole life. I was FREE and I was CLEAN. I was a New person!
Praise God!
One day I was driving a bus at the KCI Airport working at The Parking Spot. On this our Ast.Manager changed things
around on the drivers I was a little upset with this they had one bus in each terminal and I was one base. I was listening to
the Smithton Outpowering on the radio. And THEN The HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF floated in on my bus from the back of the bus I started crying I felt HIS Holiness and HE called me by name and said "Robert I have been planting dreams and visions
in you all your life but it's to grow up it's harvest time and I want you to bring in MY harvest". I then turned in my seat and
said "Lord you mean help bring in your harvest" HE said "NO you bring MY people unto ME!" I then said "Ok Lord"
And HE than turned and floated out the front door. The door was closed. It took me 15 minutes to stop crying.
I have all ways wanted a Vistation from God, well I got it! Praise God!

After that the Lord started putting me into different Bible classes, Ministry classes HE started teaching me many things.
I started going to meeting with The Prophecy Club with Stan Johnson. And I started going to church and Bible study
in Blue Springs, MO with Pastor / Prophet Dan Bohler. I was there on a Wednesday for Bible study I got there a little
early I was seating done praying and then all a sudden The Lord started talking to me on the inside HE said turn to this
scruputer I have read it before and had it high lighted so I turned to the page and it was John 14:12 I read it and the
Lord said this is you. I said no it's not me, HE said Yes it is, I said again no it's not me because YOU did not put me in your
Bible HE said Yes I did. I said no you didn't do that HE yes I did. I said OH my God. I really started thinking about this
for a long time and I did a lot of praying about this.

Ministry Ordinations

29 July 2007 though The Prophecy Club & The Spirit of Prophecy Church - Topeka Kansas

17 November 2016 though EMOAF-Evengelistic & Discipleship Ministries Church -
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


29 Sept. 2004 Certificate of Recognition though The Spirit of Prophecy Church -Topeka, Kansas

12 December 2004 Advanced Prophetic Training Course - Topeka, Kansas

10 Feb. 2018 Certificate of Completion, Jubilee School of the Supernatural Healing School
Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

17 Feb.2018 Certificate of Completion Jubilee School of Supernatural Deliverance School. Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

10 June 2018  Certificate of Completion Jubilee School of Supernatural Prophetic School. Jubilee Equipping Center Jubilee Church Olatha, Kansas.

There more to come!    


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