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Anointings and Point of Contacts

Anointings and Impartations

The Great General's of Faith

An Azusa Street Revival Anointing and Spiritual Impartation

Back in Aug. 2010 God set up a meeting Bishop Otis G. Clark and

his family and myself with Tina Elmergreen in Dallas TX.

(Bishop Clark was the last Pastor os the Azusa Street Mission

before they torn it down.)

Bishop Clark talked to me a lot he was 107 at that time. I took him by

his hand and walked him to his car where he talk to me more. In

2011 I went to one of his meetings where he prayed over me and he

held my Shofar for 15 to 20 minutes and I got a family photo with

him. Myself and my Shofar was getting an Impartation at that time.

In 2012 I went to Bishop Clark's funeral where God told him to hold

on to 3 small bottles of Anointing Oil that was in the church and it

was to be distributed out at the time of his death. I was one of about

30 people who was Anointed with this Oil that was in The Glory

Cloud and The Shekinah. 6 years later God tole me to start giving

out an Azusa Street Revival Anointings and Impartations. I'm now

doing this around the country and Miraclesm Healins, Signs and

Wounders are now following me and my Ministry.

UPDATE 6-26-19


Azusa Street Revival Anointing Oil Here my testimony on this Azusa Street Revival Anointing Oil. Today is 6-26-19 this oil just came in from Bishop Otis G. Clark's family Dr. Gwyneth Williams and Star Williams from Life Enrichment Ministries. This oil was in The Glory Cloud and The Shekinah Glory. Azusa Street Revival happened back between April 1906 to Nov. 1909. I was Anointed with this oil at Bishop Otis G. Clark's funeral back in 2012 he was 109. He was the last Pastor of the Azusa Street Mission. I have been going around parts of the country giving out Azusa Street Revival Impartations and Anointings and Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wounders are following my Ministry. With this oil this will take my Ministry to the next level, as my Pastor Bishop L.F. Thuston says this is the year of the 2nd Touch. I want to give as many people and churches the 2nd touch of the Azusa Street Revival Anointing. If you want me to come to your Church you can
Contact me here

Prophet Ken Peters back in 1998 He Prayed over me a laid hands on me

and he gave me a Big Impartation and he had me at his side while he

prophesied to 300 people in Kansas City.

Pastor David Terrell back in Aug 2010 at one of his Big Tent Revivals

he prophesied over me and gave me a Full Spiritual Impartation.

Pastor Benny Hinn  Back in Sept. 2010 He Prayed over me a laid hands

on me at one of his large crusades in Dallas TX.

Evangelist Rodney Howard Browne

I went to the VISION19 Minister & Learders Conference on
May 21 -25th, 2019 in Tampa Florida. Where he laid hands on me and gave me an Impartation. I know it was Powerful.

On April 27th, 2019 I went to Shift KC in Kansas City MO. and I saw Prophet Jeff Jansen he Anointed me with the Anointing oil that comes from the Bible. Watch this video it's Supernatural.

Evangelist Buford Dowell

Rev. Buford Dowell has been a Crusade Revival Organist and a member of the following God's Generals Healing & Miracle Ministries. Evangelist Jack Coe Sr. Evangelist William Branham, Evangelist A.A. Allen &
Evangelist Kathryn Kuhiman.

Back in March 2019 Rev. Buford Dowell called me up at home and invited me to come to Dallas Texas for meet him and have Dinner with him. So on March 31st, 2019 we met at his home. He laid hands on me and prayed over me where I got an Anointing and a Impartation from him this was very powerful. I thank God for this Divine connection.

Evangelist Jack Coe Jr. Was born August 26, 1944, in Fort Worth,

Texas.  The oldest of six children, Jack was especially close to his

father, who was one of the most prominent radio and television

evangelists in the 1940’s and early 50’s.  Jack Coe, Sr. was widely

known for having some of the greatest revivals of that era, including

crusades conducted underneath the world’s largest gospel tent. 

His campaigns were noted for the miraculous with hundreds being

healed of various sicknesses and infirmities.

Minister Robert Williams got a Full Impartation for the Healing & Miracle Ministry, from Evangelist Jack Coe Jr. He caries his fathers Mantle and Anointing on Dec.9th, 2018

Pentecostal Evangelist Jack G. Coe Sr, He was one of the first faith

healers in the America with a touring tent ministry after World War II.

Coe was ordained in the Assemblies of God in 1944, and began to

preach while still serving in World War II.

He would walk down rows of wheelchairs and crutches commanding people to be healed and to walk normally. Not all did, but there were large numbers of afflicted who got out of their wheelchairs, threw their walking aids away, got up off their beds and walked out of the meeting healed.

The largest gospel tent in the world.
Coe visited an Oral Roberts’ meeting, measured the Tulsa evangelist's tent, and then ordered one slightly larger. In July 1951, he announced that his tent was the largest gospel tent in the world, seating 22,000 people! Both the Coe and Roberts tents were larger than the Ringling Brothers big top.

Bishop L.F. Thuston

Is my Pastor as of Oct. 2018, and I set under his leadership. And he has prayed blessings over me.

Bishop L.F. Thuston is the Chairman of the General Assembly for the
Church of God in Christ.

Bishop Ernest Jefferson

Bishop Jefferson is a personal friend of mine. He has introduced me to some big named ministers. We go a lot of places together. He has passed on Anointing and Impartations to me as well.



Apostle Dan & Cindy Crevier from Jubilee Church in Olathe KS.

Prophesied many Prophetic words in my life and Ordained me

as a Minister in the Church.

Pastor Thurman Scrivner

I went to Pastor Thurman Scrivner Church back in 2012. The Living Savior Ministries in Justin Texas for awhile where he prayed many blessings over me.

Prophet Ken Peters  (other site) came to Kansas City with The Prophecy

Club in about 1998. He prophesied to about 300 people in a service and

I was the 2nd one he prophesied to I was told to stand by his side

while he prophesied to the people I was getting a Spiritual


When I was with The Prophecy Club from 1998 to 2008 I got many

Impartations and Prophetic words from Pastor Stan and Leslie

Johnson and here are a few other Prophets that has spoken into my


Apostle Daniel D. Rodes

Prophet Gene and Chuck Bacon,

Prophet Pat Sparrow he prophesied that Millions of Dollars would

be coming into my hands for the Kingdom of God.

Prophet Ed Lynskey prophesied to me and confirmed to me on what

God told me in Audible voice who I was in the Kingdom of God.

Prophetess Bree Keyton got a few Prophetic words and Impartations

from her.

Messianic Evangelist Jacob Toback

Anointed me as a Priest of the Most High God.

Prophet Dan Bohler

I was a member of his Church for about 6 months.

I went to School of the Prophets, and was a member of

Prophet Dan Bohler church for a while in Blue Springs MO around

2001. Watch this important video. 


Rabbi Michael Rood - Jewish form of baptism Mikva.

Been to a lot of 
his services and filmed several of his videos with

The Prophecy Club.

Pastor Linda Silverman from The Message Church in Bedford Texas

Also prophesied that Millions of Dollars would be coming into my

hands for the Kingdom of God. That was the first time I went to her


Prophet and Pastor T.C. Hudgins at New Day Christian Center in

Dallas TX has given me many Prophetic words and Impartations and

Ordained me as a Prophet in his Church.

And many other Apostles and Prophets have spoken given me many

Prophetic Words in my life time.

Point of Contacts

Smith Wigglesworth – Around 2003 A Ministry team came to Topeka

KS and they had the original house numbers off Smith

Wigglesworth house myself and the congregation was able to touch

them as a point of contact.

In 2012 was Anointed with Oil from the Azusa Street Revival Mission

the Oil was in The Glory Cloud and The Shekinah Glory.


I have heard the Audible Voice of God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit a

few times in my life and I even got a personal visit from The Holy

Spirit back in 2000.