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Bishop Otis G. Clark & His family  He died at 109.
Gwyneth & Star Williams
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Bishop Otis G. Clark was born on February 13, 1903, in Meridian, Oklahoma before Oklahoma was even a state. At the time it was Indian Territory. Evangelist Clarkwas  109 years old. At the age of eighteen, Clark was caught in the "1921 Tulsa Race Riot" in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the time Greenwood was a mecca for African-Americans who owned their own successful businesses due to the oil boom. This riot was one of the worse race riots on American soil caused by jealously. As a young man fleeing for his life he hoboed on a train to California looking for his biological father and left Tulsa for many years. Clark was heavily involved with the original Azusa Street Mission members. The Azusa Street Revival began in 1906 and was led by William J. Seymour in Los Angeles, California. Before the Azusa Street Mission building was torn down, Clark was given the Power of Attorney by Bishop Driscoll over the Azusa Street Mission. He still has the original document. Samuel M. Crouch of Los Angeles, California officially ordained Clark as a preacher - this took place at 33rd and Compton Street in Los Angeles. He also had the honor of serving Charles H. Mason, whom he affectionately called "Dad." Bishop Mason is the founder of the Church of God in Christ.

Bishop Otis “Dad” Clark was the oldest original member with genuinely exciting first hand accounts from 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles. He intimately knew founding members including Richard & Ruth Asberry, residents of the Bonnie Brae home, Mother Emma & Henry Cotton and Bishop A.C. Driscoll B, TH, D.D. He was given Power-of-Attorney over the Azusa Street Mission, the place of America’s Greatest revival and the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. William J. Seymour’s successor bestowed this honor upon a young, and passionate Otis Clark.

The Azusa Street Revival, beginning in 1906 was pioneered by Seymour, a one-eyed black man the son of slaves, who was instrumental as a catalyst for one of the greatest outpourings of the Holy Ghost since the Biblical Day of Pentecost in the book of Acts. 

Bishop Otis Clark, also known as the World’s Oldest Traveling Evangelist, spent his entire life telling the world about the Holy Spirit and the Outpouring on Azusa Street. Within his last day on earth, he boldly preached: "You need to be baptized in the Holy Ghost!" 

Clark is the Father of Dr. Gwyneth and Grand-Father of Ambassador Star. In 2006 he bestowed the honor of Power-of-Attorney upon his Daughter and Grand-Daughter to carry forth the vision and mission of Azusa and the book of Acts.   https://lemglobal.org/azusa/


Back in 2010 I met Bishop Otis G. Clark I first met him at a David TerrellTent Revival in Dallas Texas. After the meeting I got to talk to him about 30 minutes, I mostly listened to him talk to me. I then took him by his hand and walked him back to his car. And he talked to me some more.

About 6 months later I went to a small church in Ft.Worth TX to hear him Minister
the (Above picture was taken.) I met him at the door and I took him by the hand and walked him into the room he talked to me the whole time.

He preached a good message. After the service I asked him if my family could get a picture taken with him he said yes. He asked if he could hold my Shofar I said yes and gave it to him. He helt my Shofar for about 15 to 20 minutes I was saying to myself he can hold my Shofar all night long because his anointing was going into the Shofar, so apart of Azusa Street revival anointing was also going into the Shofar also. (Read Act 19:11-12) I have been to his house about 3 times to talk to his daughter and granddaughter.

On May 21, 2012 Bishop Clark went home to be with the Lord. I went to his funeral and people came from around the world. The funeral was held at Kenneth Copeland chuch in Ft.Worth TX. And I went to the grave site service and only about 30 people showed up for that part of the service.

His daughter prophesied over us and anointed us with the last 3 small bottles of anointed oil left from the Azusa street revival church. That was a big blessing in my life.

So God connected me with Bishop Otis G. Clark and his family for a reason, so I could get a blessing from Bishop Clark and to get an Azusa street revival anointing.

Update on 6-22-18 The Lord told me that this Oil you were Anointed with was in The Glory Cloud and in The Shekinah Glory.

On March 30, 2018 Apostle Tony Kemp came to the church where I was going at Jubilee Church in Olatha Kansas. Apostle Kemp is apart of Sid Roth's ministry It's Supernatural TV program. He was there for 3 days and the first night God gave me a Vision and a download to give to him, and in this vision God told me that Apostle Kemp has been asking for more of God.
And God told me to give him a Double portion anointing and a Azusa street anointing and give him a picture with me standing next to Bishop Clark so he would not forget this day. So I did this on Sunday May 1st, 2018. I did and this for the first time.  I have never thought about this before giving out an Azusa Street Revival anointing.

God has put on my life that I can now give out an Azusa Street Revival & Beyond Impartation and an Anointing for Healings & Miracles to others. Praise God! Signs & Wounders, Healing & Miracles are happening (See Testimonies Below)

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TESTIMONIES That Are Coming In

Update: On August 11th, 2018
An Azuse Street Healing Testimony from Bishop Ernest Jefferson. He has received an Azusa Street Revival & Beyond Inpartation for Ministry from Prophet Robert Williams from God's Miracle Ministry. 3 Healing Miracles have occurred over the last few days. Pastor's if you would like this Anointing & impartation to walk in this kind of God's Power contact Minister Robert Williams and we will bring in the God's Miracle Ministry Revival to your Church.http://www.godsmiracleministry.com (Beyond stands for The Great End Time Revival)

Click Here to watch the video

I want to Thank Jesus for ALL these Signs, Miracles and Healings
For Jesus is the Healer!!  Minister / Prophet Robert Lee Williams

Update: On July 31th, 2018  
Healing Testimony from:
Bishop Ernest Jefferson Got an Azusa Street
 Impartation and a Healing. 7-31-18
Click Here to watch the video

Impartations for Ministry, Healing and Miracles are now happening in my ministry that the Lord has given me.  

Update: On July 18th, 2018
On July 15th, 2018
Here a comment from Pastor T.C. Hudgins
Brothers and sisters this was more, MUCH more than a service, this day we were visited from heaven !!! The Glory of God was so strong. we could barely stand under it!!! Thank you so very much JESUS and thank you brother Robert !!!

Many Miracle and Healings were done in peoples lives as they humbled themselves before God. It was an Honor to see them do this, they were hungry more a move of God.

Watch the video gere Click Here to watch the video

Update: On July 18th, 2018
On 7-12-18 A Miracle from God has been caught on this video!
Go to time frame 5:32 and you will see a White orb or a White ball streak across the screen. If you don't know what an orb is look it up. I had to. Also God did many Miracles and Healings at this service everyone got a Prophetic word from God. I was able to give out a few Azusa Street Revival & Beyond Impartations and Azusa Street Anointings for Healings and Miracles. Many Lives were charged.

Watch the video here Click Here to watch the video

I want to Thank Jesus for ALL these Signs, Miracles and Healings
For Jesus is the Healer!!  Minister / Prophet Robert Lee Williams

Update: On May 19th, 2018 I was invited to a service at Yeshua coffee shop in Kansas City MO. By 2 friends of mine and they told me to bring my Shofar. So I did. There was about 40 people there I only knew my 2 friend and 1 other man. So I kinda of sat in a corner because I have never been there and didn't know anyone else. About 4 people came up to me and said they liked my Shofar and would like to hear it I said I would if The Lord opened up a door for me to do so.

One of the Pastor said the anointing is here in this place today. Well thay got my attention I felt something in my Spirit. The music started and then I told one of my friend's about my Azusa Street Revival connection and I showed her the above photo with me standing with Bishop Clark. She told me I needed to get up and give my testimony. So when the Pastor came close to me I asked if I could talk to him outside because the music was a little to loud, so I told him my connection with Bisop Clark and that I had an Azusa street Anointing on me.

He said I needed to give my testimony so he took me in and introduced me to the congregation so I told them that God was going to do Miracles in this place today, so I gave them my testimony and at the end I told them if they needed an Azusa street anointing, a Miracle or Healing come and hold or just touch my Shofar and God will give them something. So about 38 people came up out of 40 people came up to hold of touch my Shofar. And after the service people started coming up to give me their testimonies on what God did for them. Some of them got an electric shock come into their arm, some said they felt and anointing come into them. So God did something to the group of people that were there.

Update: On June 16th, 2018 I went back to Yeshus's coffee shop and one of the learder's brough this lady up she was about 30. And he told the Pastor she needed prayer, so He asked his wife to come over and other's came around this lady to play for her. And when most of them went back to their seats I went over and talked to the Pastor and I asked him dose the need a Miracle? He said yes in her mind. So he introduced me to her and he told her about my Azusa street connection, and I started talking to her and told her more about me and about the anointing on my life. I told her if you want a Miracle from God just hold my Shofar and when she did I will never forget her face she like froze in place she stayed there for about 4 mintes until the other man started talking to her and then I started talking to her and told her to learn more about the Azusa street Ministry.
Miracle Healing Testimony - Also the Pastor got with me later and told me he got healed over night from when I was there last time. He told me for sometime he has had blowel problems and was bleeding and that his blood has turned Brown. His Dr told him he had problems so the Dr set him up with some tests.
But when he said he touched my Shofar he felt something and when he woke the next day he was HEALED! No more bleeding and he got his strength back Praise God for this healing.

Update: On June, 21st & 22nd 2018
The Lord had me go to Topeka KS out of the blew I had no plans that week and I did not know about this event until Thursday morning so I texted my old 
Pastor and Superintendent W. O. Sherrod and said I will be there. When I got the I went into his office and gave him a picture (the one above with me standing with Bishop Otis Clark) I told him more of my testimony with Bishop Clark he remembered me talking about him years ago. But I told him that God has now released me to give out and Azusa Street Anointing and Impartation to HIS people. I told him about Apostle Tony Kemp (see above).
The service was about to start I did blow my Shofar a few time in the service. I was seated on the platform close to the Pastor and other Senior COGIC Ministers. I thought I was there to just watch the service but God put it on my heart to ask the Pastor if I could give out an Azusa Street Impartation to the guest speaker he said hold on and then the Pastor got up walked over to me and said YES but I want you to give it out to ALL the Minister's and to the congregation members that were serious about being in or helping out the Ministry. I said ok. I said to myself Oh WOW. I have never done this before to anyone. So when it came time to do this impartation the Pastor told everyone what was about to happen and the Pastor said he was going to be first in line for this impartation, this was Pastor and Superintendent W. O. Sherrod from the Temple of Deliverance.
And he had all the Pastors line up after him and his staff and then any one from the congregation that wanted an Azusa Street Impartation. (Well I didn't what to do. I have never done this before BUT this was a God Thing so the Lord Jesus Christ took over.) And I (the Lord) started prophesying to all these people I laid hands on them and anointed all of them with oil and I said if you are serious about this Azusa impartation anointing than hold my Shofar and give God
All the Praise, Honor and Glory for this anointing and they all did. This is the Biggest move of God that I have ever seen much less ever done in my life. This came very easy to me. I'm still getting my strength back from 6 foot operartions I have a little problem standing in one place but the Pastor was there to help hold me up.
People none of this was planned by me or my Pastor this was a True  Move of God.

And on Friday afternoon when I was at home the Lord spoke to me and said when I was anointed with the last 3 bottles of anointing oil from the Azusa Street Revival at Bishop Otis Clark's funeral back in 2012 this oil was in the Glory Cloud and in the Shekinah Glory. I said OH WOW!

This has been dormant in me for 6 years now and now God Jesus Christ wants me to give out not only an Azusa Street Anointing from the past but Beyond that this anointing and Impartation is for the Last Endtime Revival. (I feel so humbled and I feel like crying right now)

Update: On June, 30th 2018 Minister Kasadue Derrick Shepperds from Kampala, Uganda
Texted me to give me some Testimonies from Prayer Clothes I sent him he started handing them out. Here is what he wrote to me. "A woman said she had breast cancer was touched, a young man testifys he has been set free from chronic headache, some one couldn't  walk well in their left leg, some one with a problem with there eyes claims been healed, another one with a problem of continual stomack ache has been healed, demons of epilepsy are being tormebter. My God it's an over flow, the grace of God, tears of joy on peoples faces."

Now he wants me to send him 100 more Prayer Cloths as in Act 19:11-12. I anoint them with oil I place them on my Shofar and lay hands on them  and pray a blessings over them.

If you can Help me send them a 1000 Prayer clothes I can only do it with your help!


So if your Church or Ministry would like for me to come and Minister and to give out an
Azusa Street Revival & Beyond Impartation, Healing & Miracle Service 
Please contact me and I will come.

But Remember that Jesus Christ is the Healer.

Minister / Prophet Robert Lee Williams




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