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Bishop Otis G. Clark & His family  He died at 109.

Bishop Otis G. Clark was born on February 13, 1903, in Meridian, Oklahoma before Oklahoma was even a state. At the time it was Indian Territory. Evangelist Clark is 109 years young. At the age of eighteen, Clark was caught in the "1921 Tulsa Race Riot" in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the time Greenwood was a mecca for African-Americans who owned their own successful businesses due to the oil boom. This riot was one of the worse race riots on American soil caused by jealously. As a young man fleeing for his life he hoboed on a train to California looking for his biological father and left Tulsa for many years. Clark was heavily involved with the original Azusa Street Mission members. The Azusa Street Revival began in 1906 and was led by William J. Seymour in Los Angeles, California. Before the Azusa Street Mission building was torn down, Clark was given the Power of Attorney by Bishop Driscoll over the Azusa Street Mission. He still has the original document. Samuel M. Crouch of Los Angeles, California officially ordained Clark as a preacher - this took place at 33rd and Compton Street in Los Angeles. He also had the honor of serving Charles H. Mason, whom he affectionately called "Dad." Bishop Mason is the founder of the Church of God in Christ.

Back in 2010 I met Bishop Otis G. Clark I first met him at a David TaylorTent Revival in Dallas Texas. After the meeting I got to talk to him about 30 minutes, I mostly listened to him talk to me. I then took him by his hand and walked him back to his car. And he talked to me some more.

About 6 months later I went to a small church in Ft.Worth TX to hear him Minister
the (Above picture was taken.) I met him at the door and I took him by the hand and walked him into the room he talked to me the whole time.

He preached a good message. After the service I asked him if my family could get a picture taken with him he said yes. He asked if he could hold my Shofar I said yes and gave it to him. He helt my Shofar for about 15 to 20 minutes I was saying to myself he can hold my Shofar all night long because his anointing was going into the Shofar, so apart of Azusa Street revival anointing was also going into the Shofar also. (Read Act 19:11-12) I have been to his house about 3 times to talk to his daughter and granddaughter.

On May 21, 2012 Bishop Clark went home to be with the Lord. I went to his funeral and people came from around the world. The funeral was held at Kenneth Copeland chuch in Ft.Worth TX. And I went to the grave site service and only about 30 people showed up for that part of the service.

His daughter prophesied over us and anointed us with the last 3 small bottles of anointed oil left from the Azusa street church. That was a BIG blessing in my life.

So God connected me with Bishop Otis G. Clark and his family for a reason, so I could get a blessing from Bishop Clark and to get an Azusa street anointing.

On March 30, 2019 Apostle Tony Kemp can to a church where I was going to Jubilee Church in Olatha Kansas. Apostle Kemp is apart of Sid Roth's ministry It's Supernatural TV program. And God gave me a download and a Prophetic word to give to him, so I did on Sunday May 1st, 2018. God told me he was asking for more of God. I gave him a Spiritual impartation from God a double portion anointing, and the first time I have ever done this God wanted me to give him an Azusa street anointing. God has put on my life that I can now give out an Azusa street anointing to others. Praise God!

Minister / Prophet Robert Lee Williams


This week on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, Tony Kemp shares the real power of TRUE GRACE in Jesus and its blessings he also exposes its counterfeit. He says you must know the difference!


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